New material (finally)!

2013-07-05 04:03:28 by NebulousDawn

Hey guys!
So like I was saying in my last news post (if people actually read those things), then you would know that I just finished my first flash animation!(yaaay!)
It's called "Shinkiro" so make sure to check it out here and make sure to vote high so it doesn't get blammed! Also, tell me what you think about it; comments are always appreciated!

New material (finally)!


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2013-07-05 16:48:09

Very good frame-by-frame animation. Not sure why you don't want to do it next time.
This is better than all my animations I've ever done D:
You're an animator.

NebulousDawn responds:

Nawwwww shucks :3
I guess the only reason why I don't want to do frame-by-frame is because it's such a long and tedious process... but if I have the time I guess I can do more (maybe I'm just not used to it yet haha)
You're too kind!