New material coming soon!

2013-06-25 23:57:14 by NebulousDawn

Hey guys!
So I'd like to announce of upcoming events that I will be taking part in.

Firstly, there will be more music on the way: right now I'm basically uploading all my old material that I wrote before I started Newgrounds. But I have recently started learning FL Studios so hopefully I'll be able to produce some new material soon!

Secondly, I have been invited to join some collabs with some great animators, artists and others on Newgrounds so you might see me in some of those! We won't know when they'll be out but hopefully you'll see me in the ''collaborators'' section (that is, if they decide to credit me... which I hope they do lol).

And lastly, I am currently working on a short animation (about 2 minutes) that I will soon upload here. Now I have absolutely zero experience when it comes to animating but I figured, ''since Newgrounds is mainly a site for animations, why not make my own??''. It is basically going to be a short story that uses one of my old tracks as a backpiece (basically a really crappy looking music video, of sorts). So don't expect something too fantastic (but don't forget to upvote it so it doesn't get blammed ;))

New material coming soon!


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2013-06-26 07:02:41

Only noisy/annoying spam gets blammed. You're not like that... are you?!

NebulousDawn responds:

Of course not, you can trust me ;)


2013-07-03 08:30:00

How come you have 7 (7!!) fans and I'm the only one who actually comments on your stuff??

NebulousDawn responds:

I know...
I feel sad too... :(


2013-07-05 02:01:31


NebulousDawn responds:

Thank you, I know I am (>w<)