A warm welcome.

2013-06-15 21:21:39 by NebulousDawn

Hey guys.

So it's been a little under a week since I made my account, and amazingly I already have 4 fans.
That's just awesome.
And some more great news.
After promoting that I was interested in doing some collaborations with some folks on Newgrounds, I've already been approached by about 3 different users asking for, not my music, but my art.
Which is cool, but I'm a little worried since I see myself more as musician than an artist.
But I'm not complaining.
In fact, I'm feeling pretty happy right now.
So you can look forward to seeing me in some Flash animations and games soon.
Oh Newgrounds... this is why I love you...


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2013-06-25 17:29:17

There's an abundance of composers in Collaboration right now, and there's a huge lack of artists for new projects. Artists are the people that make a submission actually stand out, and style, details, linework, coloring matter. A submission with bad art will never be popular, while a terrible game with good graphics will score high. I'm not trying to say terrible games are ok to make, but artist is always the leader of the project, the main person behind it. Nothing goes anywhere without an artist.
And there's a huge lack of artists for new project.

NebulousDawn responds:

Yes, that is very true indeed :)